Peeled and rounded poles

We produce full range of machine rounded and cundy peeled poles from pine (pinus sylvestris) for use in vineyards, fencing, tree support, gardening etc.

Posts can be supplied pointed, chamfered on both ends, half-rounded, or with drilled holes.

Sawn timber

We offer sawn posts: 4 way pointed, 1way weathered, square sleepers, square sawn rails, construction quality sawn timber from pine or spruce

timber decking boards (planed smooth or with grooves).

Kiln drying

Timber is dried in two fully computerized drying kiln chambers. We use automated processes to ensure the exact drying process and a good result.

We dry any species from spruce to oak to desired humidity. The drying kilns have a combined capacity of about 250 m3. The size of  chamber is 11.5 x 5.5 m, height - 4,5 m.


We have been providing vacuum impregnation service in Lithuania since 1996 and our staff has all the necessary know-how and experience to deliver a first-class treatment.

Professionally impregnated timber can last up to 15 years and more, even when exposed to rain and humidity. We use only certified treatment chemicals, without arsen and chrome. If nothing else is specified we impregnate according to the EN standard, which is approved by CEN (European Committee for Standardization www.cenorm.be)

CEBECO is the initiator and one of the founders of the Lithuanian Wood  Preservation Association.


Rima Valeviciene, sales manager

email: rima@cebecotimber.lt,

tel.: +370 699 24 670

Arvydas Cepulionis, production manager

email: arvydas@cebecotimber.lt,

tel.: +370 699 484 20

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